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The Challenge

As a web developer, the task is to modernize 's aging web platform in just six months. The primary objectives include enhancing user experience, ensuring mobile responsiveness, optimizing performance, improving security, implementing

SEO strategies, ensuring scalability, developing a user-friendly content management system, integrating third-party tools, conducting thorough testing, and providing comprehensive documentation.



    The Solution

    This project is divided into distinct phases. The first month will focus on planning and design, followed by three months of development. One month will be dedicated to testing and quality assurance, ensuring a bug-free and high-performing website.

    In the final month, we will deploy the revamped website and provide comprehensive documentation, including training for 's team.

    • User-Centric Design

    • Mobile Responsiveness

    • Technical SEO

    • Performance Optimization

    • User-Friendly CMS

    Provide detailed documentation for the website's codebase and custom functionalities, facilitating smooth handover and future maintenance.